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Gotta say. These fork and vote battles do a good job of demonstrating the game-theory of Bitcoin mining and forking.

All they have to do in order to get their bags off the market is to keep forking bcash until there is nothing left.

    Why President Trump Will Win The Shutdown - Democrats have no fallback position. And that's why they will politics

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    Politics is about compromise. Without compromise, no body "wins".

      BitPatron – A Bitcoin Lightning Censorship-Free Patreon Alternativeby go1dfishin technology

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      Who would have thunk that the bcash bag holders would downvote it ;D

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          Bitcoin Cash ABC abandons PoW, adds centralised checkpointsby BCashin cryptocurrency

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          PoW is still used to validate blocks.

          Just the blocks after a checkpointed added by a single developer.

          What is happening is that attempts at hostile takeover

          So defending against hashpower with software patches is how things are meant to work?

          What if the "hostile" takeover was the chain which "rightfully" "should" have become the longest if it weren't for an added checkpoint?

          it is denying PoW that specifically is being used by malicious actors.

          Who decides which work is valid? Permissionless?

          We still have full decentralization of client implementation for nodes that are actually a part of BCH.

          Really? Not really.

            Introducing Memo, an on-chain social network built on Bitcoin Cashby 🐌in whatever

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            No one cares about Memo cash grab from the gullible over at rbtc.

              Özgür Baba - Dertli Dolapin music

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              Bcash is the real bcash.