Cambridge Capitulates to the Mob and Fires a Young Scholarin news

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No, outrage porn is "Trump gets two scoops of ice cream, everyone else gets one".

This is a legitimate news story. You can find better coverage of it at Quillette and The Guardian, among others.

Here is the original "open letter" that started the investigation. The scandal is that most signatories to the letter criticizing Carl's research lack the relevant academic credentials to make scientific claims about it, and indeed, most of them likely never read his work to begin with. They merely participated in a social justice pile-on against the investigation of taboo subjects like race and intelligence.

Cambridge's own statement doesn't refute any of Carl's research, and says only that "the panel found that in the course of pursuing this problematic work, Dr Carl had collaborated with a number of individuals who were known to hold extremist views." Here's a link to Noah Carl's own blog post addressing the matter of guilt by association.

This will not be the last time this happens. The blank-slate religion of progressivism that has captured the academy is as unprepared to deal with the DNA sequencer and its consequences as the Catholic church was to deal with the consequences of the telescope 400 years ago. And the cathedral of academia is reacting the same way their predecessors did, by censuring, denouncing, demonizing, and excommunicating anyone who challenges their orthodoxy.

As Carl points out, this is dangerous, because as the truth becomes more and more undeniable, people will lose faith in the academy itself and its moderating influence. There's more to be said about all this, but the story is not mere outrage porn. It's a harbinger of a major conflict in the wings between the religion of progressivism and the pursuit of knowledge.

    Ignore The Poway Synagogue Shooterโ€™s Manifesto: Pay Attention To 8chanโ€™s /pol/ Boardin whatever

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    I was saying last night that whites can't Tarrant their way out of this. But the left can't censor their way out of it either. This violence is an inevitable consequence of normal self-preservationist whites being forced to share discussion space with anonymous Nazis. The further underground you attempt to drive this discussion, the more radicalized it will become.

    Peaceful white advocates must be given a seat at the table. Nonviolent white advocacy cannot continue to be treated like Nazism if it's practitioners make visible and good-faith efforts to separate themselves from it and condemn it.

    America Identity Movement is doing some good work in that regard. Their recent banner drops ( ) and protest demonstration of an author publicly demonizing white people's identity ( ) hint at a better direction for the future. We should encourage whites who engage peaceful, orderly public protest, not demonize them. The alternative will only be more violence and a loss of our hard-fought rights.

      Supposedly the manifesto of the teenager who just attacked a synagogue in San Diego. Could be fake, I dunnoin whatever

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      The /polspeak is almost as cringeworthy as the attack.

      Dear Potential Shooters: You are not going to Tarrant your way out of this. You will only succeed in alienating everyone against you, and poisoning your most valid arguments. There are no shortcuts to obtaining power. You have to earn it by peaceful political organization that rejects hate.

        Founder of Voat, the โ€˜Censorship-Freeโ€™ Reddit, Begs Users to Stop Making Death Threatsin voat

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        The problem I have with Voat is that their userbase is just kinda... dumb. "Conspiracy-addled" is perhaps a better term. They will believe anything, so long as you tell them the Jews are behind it. You could tell them the Jews are controlling the weather and they'd go outside and start flipping off the clouds.

        But, despite all this, there are still important voices there talking about topics that simply aren't allowed anywhere else. And so you have this bizarre situation where truthful, important topics that are being censored elsewhere mingle with wild, fantastic bullshit. And Voaters just can't tell the difference between the two.

        But this is all to be expected. It was sort of the point of all the neverending bans, deletions, quarantines, censorship, blacklisting, deplatforming, doxxing, boycotting, threats, intimidation, harassment, mobs, etc. Surrounding people in public and screaming at them. Driving them out of restaurants. Calling them out in audiences when they're with their families. Getting people fired not just from high-paying jobs, but from McDonaldโ€™s.

        The whole strategy of the Awokening has been to make it impossible to disagree with the progressive left. To make it clear that you either believe everything they tell you, completely and totally, with unwavering fervor, no matter how insane it might seem...or you're a Nazi.

        And this little stratagem does work, maybe 80% of the time, let's say. Most white people are terrified of being labeled as bigots of any sort. We've seen that they will force their own daughters to undress and shower in front of teenage males rather than be labeled a bigot. But there's still that stubborn 20% who will accept the stigma. The problem with labeling everyone who doesn't agree with you a Nazi is that it does, in practice, actually seem to create quite a lot of Nazis.

        I mean, it's a problem for me. I don't like it. But it's not a problem for the people on the progressive left making it happen. It is exactly what they want to happen. Because Nazis are easy to defeat. No one actually wants to be a Nazi. Even Nazis don't want to be Nazis, which is why the term "alt-right" became popular. But if you can force your reasonable opponent into the same confines as your unreasonable opponent, then you can damn him by association. You can alter his perception of what truth is by who he is forced to surround himself with.

        Hence Voat.

          Joe Biden is the dumbest campaigner in history. Imagine if Trump had done politics

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          Just finished watching his campaign video.

          He literally gets the words to the Declaration of Independence wrong in the first 17 seconds. The actual words flash alongside him, making it impossible to ignore. Off to a great start, Joe.

          Beyond that, the whole basis for his video is wrong. America wasn't founded as an "idea". It was founded as a nation for white people. Explicitly. The Preamble of the Constitution refers to securing the blessings of Liberty "to ourselves and our Posterity". "Our Posterity" means "our descendants".

          And those descendants were white.

          "We the People" was understood to mean "We the People of the White Race", and no other. The Naturalization Act of 1790 passed in only the second session of the First Congress makes this explicit. It limited naturalization to "free white people" of good character.

          You don't have to like our history. You can be proud that we have moved beyond it. But this is the truth of our founding. It is the way our country understood itself for almost the entirety of its existence, until very recently. America was founded as a nation for white people.

            Why is there nothing between Mercury and the Sun?in space

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            There are asteroids, we just cannot see them. Sun blares too much. Sunspots as well.

              BitTorrent Loses Recent CEO, Adds Crypto-Currency to uTorrentby go1dfishin technology

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              I am a Gorf of the Gorfian Empire, insert coin!

              Video games all over again, insert a token to keep playing.

                US government shutdown 'all but certain' as House adjourns โ€“ live updatesby go1dfishin politics

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                Hide! The government shutdown! Riots in the street, no government! Rebbit!

                  How โ€˜Baldurโ€™s Gateโ€™ Saved the Computer RPGby go1dfishin gaming

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                  Bard's Tale was better! Rebbit!

                    Froggy Fresh - Christmasin music

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                      Hidden Answers (.onion) - an active, friendly, forum for question/answer on torin whatever

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                      I can't see it, do I need tor to connect? How do I access tor on my Brave browser?


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                          Subway Susan vs Platano Manin whatever

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                          She even called a guy a racist name. A real class act. F*** off! While she kicks the other lady for being different.

                            Obamacare Core Provisions Ruled Unconstitutional by Judgein politics

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                            Aw shit! There goes Medicare and health for people on medicare.

                              Bankrupt Sears wants to give executives $19 million in bonusesin news

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                              Why don't Walmart or Amazon buy out some of the stores?

                                Our fearless leader tries to talk some sense into the racist commies on raddle. Spoiler: they don't take kindly to common sensein whatever

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                                You can't talk sense into donkeys, they don't understand and it annoys the donkeys.

                                  Roy Clark Dies at 85in music

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                                  If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all!

                                    This video is blocked in your videos

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                                    PEWDIEPIE did an oopsie!

                                    Some guy ranting is how many videos get made.

                                      Reddit begins banning disorder support subs... possibly leading to actual deaths. Censorship can be NABin reddit

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                                      They figure people with disorders can't buy their advertisers crap, so they get rid of them.

                                      Also anyone they can't control they get rid of.

                                        Intel CPU Shortages Will Continue Into the Second Quarter of 2019 According to Asustek Timmyin technology

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                                        Intel can't innovate like AMD can.

                                        Apple might switch to AMD processors to save money.