Buttjudge is likely Deep State. Why is a Mayor in Afghanistan and why does he speak 7 languagesin politics

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It's a trend, not paranoia. From 2018:

"The CIA Democrats: Part one"

"An extraordinary number of former intelligence and military operatives from the CIA, Pentagon, National Security Council and State Department are seeking nomination as Democratic candidates for Congress in the 2018 midterm elections. The potential influx of military-intelligence personnel into the legislature has no precedent in US political history."

    IPFS Camp 2019by in programming

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    Via HN thread:

    Honestly pretty surprised to see that they chose the CoC they did... not surprised to see one in general, but you'd think that a decentralization conference is going to get attacked by these people regardless of what they do to try and placate them.

      Google: Software is never going to be able to fix Spectre-type bugsin technology

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      Disable speculative execution and use terminals for everything. (So you won't notice the speed drop.)

      Other than that, architect things so that true multi-processor (SMP) systems can segregate more dangerous stuff on an "unsafe" processor with its own cache, and keep secrets out of that processor's cache. This wouldn't always be possible and it's harder than it sounds, but it might be one approach.

        Fire in Venezuela: Venezuelan oil, sanctions, and fundamental changes in US oil productionby in politics

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        Good idea, but it's doubtful that you could start this up on short notice. It might work if Russia/China subsidized them for a while, similar to how Cuba stayed afloat for so long. People eventually adapted and learned how to manage for themselves.

          Debian SJWs pushed out Norbert Preining (packager, Linus supporter, systemd opponent)by in programming

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          Yeah, he was pretty much railroaded, same people who forced Linus to go on his apology tour (and the same people who tried to go after Ted).

            Debian SJWs pushed out Norbert Preining (packager, Linus supporter, systemd opponent)by in programming

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            I was going to say this: it's unfortunate that this is coming at the expense of correctness and technical excellence as stated goals. But a lot of F/OSS kind of sucks, quality-wise, so never mind.

            The biggest downside of the rise of social justice in F/OSS is that it gives corporations and intel agencies yet another stick they can use to beat down criticism when they implement backdoors, dependence on corporate-controlled projects, or other control mechanisms.

            FWIW, I still don't believe that what happened to Ian was an accident. That's when shit started to hit the fan.

              What is the best way to handle exploit trafficin ask

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              Probably skiddie bots, but you should look at the logs to make sure it isn't a targeted attack. Do you know if it's Tor, known VPNs, certain countries, etc?

              I know lots of people just block Chinese/Russian/whatever IPs for this reason. If you know you won't be connecting from there and you aren't really interested in serving content to the region, you may as well just geoblock it if you're getting attacked.

              With VPNs and Tor it's a bit more difficult, you might want to allow some of that depending on how you access your servers and what audience you're serving. Temporary blocks are probably better.

              If you're getting specifically targeted then set up a honeypot and see what you can learn.

                JSLinux - Run Linux or other Operating Systems in your browserby in technology

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                It's kind of neat that it can be done at all. Not sure it's all that useful other than to show how interesting stuff can be done in the browser.

                  My task ranking software finally has the ability to sign in as a temporary userby x0x7in domains

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                  Thanks, I had not tried either of these out previously because I didn't feel like making an account. This is probably a better approach, like jsfiddle as you said. Nobody likes a login/register screen.

                  I don't know if the task software makes sense for me personally. The jsos thing is interesting though. Some feedback:

                  1. Let people register their components to a shared "library" that is browsable. I suggest making these libraries versioned, with packaged components, kind of like npm. (Maybe each "version" references a specific git tag?)

                  2. Come up with an interesting, visually appealing default configuration for new users that shows them some unique and useful applications of the platform. When someone creates an account, run this default config and drop them into it directly (don't make them click "run"). This will give them an idea of what is possible. The default config should include both imported libraries and some non-library code, so users can play around with simple modifications more easily. The code shouldn't be too complex so as not to scare people away, but not too basic either.

                  3. Eventually, see if you can come up with a couple of standard integrations with external systems that devs might be interested in. Things like querying cloud storage buckets and triggering (or reading) pub/sub messages might bring in some interest.

                  Hope that is useful.

                    Microsoft includes NewsGuard, a plugin that warns users of "fake news", on Edge browserby in technology

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                    Logical next step is those red screen click-through warnings that you see when you get a bad SSL cert.

                    I wonder if the telemetry data from this tells them how much "forbidden news" you read.