What protects notabug from spam bots?in notabug

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Voting is proof of work and setting score requirements for a listing can act like a rate limiter. The frontpage requires at least one upvote for example, but in the event of a spam attack this could be raised.

Spaces have the ability to be setup as a whitelist, or to remove content individually now as well.

Also, this isn’t a blockchain and peers are free to delete problematic data, whether it is legally problematic or spam.

    Antikythera Fragment #9 - The Scorper And Trammelin videos

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    Been enjoying this series, thanks for posting anon.

      20 incredible games that released in 1994in retro gaming

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      Better to avoid spaces in topic names.

        How does this website work?by godzilla5123in whatever

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        It's built around a database meant to be widely replicated to allow for decentralization.

        The logins are crypto based so your content is signed by you and you can prove if I edit your content.

        The design allows for flexibility in how communities are operated as well, pulling content out of a shared pool.

        Also, things can be deleted, but anyone can replicate the content and I can't force others to delete things they don't want to.

        Overall it should allow for opt in moderation. Still in development as there are some significant performance challenges with this approach to moderation.

          What the fuck is sraba1st?in saraba1st

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          I think that's because they are using the share link functionality from snew.notabug.io that hasn't been updated internally to generate links to snew.notabug.io when linking to self posts and he's linking from a mostly self post dominated community.

            China's family planning is perhaps the single most beneficial contribution to make the world a better placein saraba1st

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            Looks like you're using snow's share function, for now you will want to replace "github" with "notabug" before posting to make those links work properly.

              Welcome to notabugin notabug

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              Yeah that was me and these are some good points.

              One thing that web facing peers like notabug.io could do is have some sort of short name access for certain spaces like say /s/politics and it would even be relatively easy to change those overtime through whatever governance mechanism chosen.

              Space Flairs is still compatible with that sort of approach and is likely to come first.

              It's not time to think about voting too much from my perspective yet IMO, the spammyness PoW voting encourages is actually a good thing in the sense that it helps highlight performance issues early.