Obama says Fox News viewers ‘have an entirely different reality’ from New York Times readersin politics

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From 2003? Dude that's 15 years ago

Have things changed? Has the media in the US become less partisan?

These people literally deny reality.

"These people". You're all living in the same Skinnier box. Instead of calling "the others" "steeple" or the like. Wake up yourselves and stop being so easy to divide and conquer.

Both "sides" are atrocious. It's the entire US culture which has been pushed this way since at least Reagan. It's by design. Apathy and ignorance is currency for control.

    Misperceptions, The Media, And The Iraq War [2003]in politics

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    Respondents with one or more misperceptions:

    Fox: 80%
    CBS: 71%
    ABC: 61%
    NBC: 55%
    CNN: 55%
    Print: 47%
    PBS-NPR: 23%

      Almost 85,000 children under five may have starved to death in Yemenin news

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      spend the money on weapons to kill each other

      That was the fucking plan. That's what the US does. That's how it gains advantage.

        'Hate America' Crowd Passes the Torchin politics

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        There are freedom loving people of all kinds, all around the world who hate America.

        Something to do with imposing economic imperialism at the expense of ordinary people everywhere.

        Oh an edit button, interesting. Lets try it. When you generate the type of hate that hamfisted US foreign policy is capable of generating, you create 9/11.

          The faster you unlearn OOP, the better for you and your softwareby go2dfishin programming

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          C++ is one thing, build tools, messy.

          Java. Fuck those idiots. Can't believe people are still being fooled by that whole "enterprise" sales line.

          Oddly though, despite it's non-OOP legacy. Encapsulations which look like "Objects" in Javascript ain't too messy for the most part.

            'Toxic' is Oxford Dictionaries' word of the year, beating 'techlash' and 'gaslighting'by go2dfishin news

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            Of course her mind was too strong to succumb to such a conspiracy and her sense of perfect mental health was retained.

              'Toxic' is Oxford Dictionaries' word of the year, beating 'techlash' and 'gaslighting'by go2dfishin news

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              Actually, she accused me of being part of an organised campaign to follow her around the internet and attempt gaslighting.

                'Toxic' is Oxford Dictionaries' word of the year, beating 'techlash' and 'gaslighting'by go2dfishin news

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                I once had a crazy lady accuse me of gaslighting. ;)

                Before that she was busy ranting about astrology.

                  First login attempt failsby ARealUserOfNotABugin notabug

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                  New experience. It showed red auth validation error, which then subsequently vanished and showed username as logged in.