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You copypasted a comment from the youtube comment section.

    Australian election threadby Gangsterin politics

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    Not just polls. Even betting markets were predicting a Labour government:

      Hahahain politics

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      Scomo isn't a climate change denier; he's created programs to lower climate change. Isn't a white supremacist either.

      I don't like the guy, but is a silly "everyone I don't like is Hitler" tweet.

        Australian election threadby Gangsterin politics

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        Yeah, very surprising to everyone. All the predictions had Labour (center-left) taking power from the incumbent Coalition (center-right)

          socialism.jpgby Some_Voluntaryistin voluntaryism

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          trying to dismiss capitalism

          I assure you I'm not. I apologize if you thought I was and felt hurt. I'm a capitalist, fully immersed in it.

          saying that you can gain some free stuff by putting in the effort and making it yourself

          Actually, what I was saying is that we are given free stuff even without doing that. Like infrastructure and a good environment.

          conflate heritage with socialism

          With society, not socialism. 'Socialism', as I said higher up in the thread, is a crap word that only leads to confusion. My point is just that the fundamental emotional basis of right-wing-libertarianism ("I did it all myself") is wrong. You can't even survive all by yourself.

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            I said it was a shit system.

            You did indeed say that. Doesn't mean I agree.

            Yeah that's why rednecks and niggers are so successful when it comes to reading and writing


            but I guess that flew over your head as well.

            Coming across as a bit rude there

            Think about it this way: if you'd been born 20,000 years ago, you wouldn't have the depth of culture, breadth of mind, or standard of living that you enjoy today. If you'd been born in a country with worse infrastructure, your life would be harder. You're surrounded by things that you didn't make, and you benefit from them. You couldn't live without them. I can't legitimately get mad when someone expects me to pay a percentage of the money I've earned with the help of the collective to the collective. (I do get mad when the funds are misspent or funneled to corruptions.)


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              Indirectly through taxes, shit education at that because the gov is the one spending your money instead of yourself for your kid.

              Right. The individual<->collective back-and-forth. Public education is good in many countries. Many of the best schools in the world are public.

              Guess we don't count decades of practice as being worth anything, or all the study materials you have to buy in order to speak a language correctly.

              You don't have to spend a penny to speak your language, which is why spoke language before money was a thing.

              On the contrary, we're paying a lot more than we should, especially in the US

              If you asked someone in 1992, "How much would you expect to pay for all the world's data, access to commerce, trade, millions of books, and damn near every piece of music and film every made?" I think they would have quoted pretty high. Internet is maybe a buck a day, and it's not so hard to get it for $0 (libraries etc.)

              We do cooperate, but we don't waste our resources on people and things that won't give anything back.


                socialism.jpgby Some_Voluntaryistin voluntaryism

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                people really overuse the word 'strawman' these days

                Thanks for your reply.

                You're not expected to pay for education in most countries.

                You don't really pay for internet (not in a way that's proportionate to its value anyway). You don't pay for open-source software (including TCP/IP, HTML, etc.), Wikipedia, the whole huge commons.

                You don't pay for the language you learn.

                We are members of societies. We are not islands. We exist within a collective, and it gives to us. I don't think it's abhorrent for the individual to contribute to the collective.

                  socialism.jpgby Some_Voluntaryistin voluntaryism

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                  The bit I don't agree with about this sort of right-libertarian thinking is.... don't you realise that you get almost everything for free? You wouldn't survive in a jungle, or in a desert, or on an island. You're totally dependent on your fellow man. From breastmilk, on to education, roads, technology we didn't invent, language we didn't craft, internet we didn't create. You couldn't get anything done, including survive, without leaning on others.

                  "No, I did it all myself!" just isn't true for anyone.

                    Fortnite is free, but kids are getting bullied into spending moneyin gaming

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                    Good anon

                    Hopefully one day we can get a bot to do this.

                      socialism.jpgby Some_Voluntaryistin voluntaryism

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                      Whenever there's disagreement about a word, people are quick to march in and say, "That's not what the word really means! The word really means this."

                      That's not how words work. Words don't have objective meaning; their meaning is negotiated among language-communities and exists only subjectively.

                      If you ask an English-speaker and a Swedish-speaker what the word "kiss" means, you get a very different answer. So what does "kiss" really mean?

                      'Socialism' is a confusing word with a debated meaning.

                        socialism.jpgby Some_Voluntaryistin voluntaryism

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                        That's my point.

                        But not in all aspects. e.g. its healthcare system

                        Some people (mostly Americans) call hybrid economies like this 'socialist'.

                          Trump is Right to Battle Communist Chinain business

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                          What's the connection between welfare and phone factories?

                            What if we helped refugees to help themselves? | Alexander Bettsby Gangsterin whatever

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                            They aren't refugees.

                            Who aren't refugees?

                            Take a map. Look at where Syria is. Note all the Middle eastern nations surrounding these regions that have compatible cultures in which these men could find productive and meaningful lives. Where they could raise families and have a sense of purpose and connection. Then look where Germany is. Look where Sweden is. Note all the countries in between.

                            Great point. That's probably why over 85% of Syrian refugees went to those neighbouring Muslim countries, and much fewer to Germany and Sweden.

                              socialism.jpgby Some_Voluntaryistin voluntaryism

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                              The problem with the S-word is that some people use it to mean FULLCOMMUNISM with a totalitarian state planning every aspect of the economy, and some people use it to mean modern Denmark.