since NAB has a NSFW tag, can it eventually have a spoiler tag too?in notabug

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Yeah something like this could be doable, nsfw tagging (currently) works similarly to the idea of looking for "spoiler" in the title. It's just a UI side thing based on the content of the post.

    Go2dfish can you track users analyzing their CPU voting time?in notabug

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    I didn’t read the question this way, I read it as asking me if it was possible to do this in general.

    I don’t think you could do it with enough accuracy and reliability to do much with it, your own system isn’t even going to be all that consistent in how quickly it solves PoW.

      [VIDEO] Antifa Pulled a Gun on James Fieldsin news

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      Was this before or after the collision?

        Go2dfish can you track users analyzing their CPU voting time?in notabug

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        Maybe? The timing is random, the more someone votes the better chance you have to develop a pattern but there shouldn't be anything tying* votes together overtime to do any sort of analysis.

        The vote nonce includes a timestamp for when you started hashing so it is possible to get an idea of how long each vote takes.

        * edited for spelling

          Trump Suggests 10% Tariffs May Be Placed on iPhones, Laptopsby go2dfishin politics

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          They don't have a choice about tariffs either.

          How are tariffs enforced if not the threat of gun/violence?

          What happens to you when you import things without paying tariffs?

            GPU bot testby FrontPageGuardianin whatever

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            For those coming from gun's github, this post used to have a million or so votes, but they were deleted when we switched proof of work models to counteract GPU bots.

              I made a todo list app, based on Condorset rankings. I use it for my own life and it is x0x7in domains

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              Yeah this would likely get a lot more people using it.

              I think I should probably do more here to make it clear that accounts are optional as well.

                Voat is a bunch of cowards and liarsin voat

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                I don't think the problems Voat has with restricting speech are intentionally bad.

                The voting limits are how putt tries to prevent manipulation with limited manpower. But the approach unfortunately enforces the circle jerks that have developed there.

                  testin chat:test

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                  Yep, the changes to how nab/things/:id records store metadata will make that easier to prevent in the future.

                    How do you think NAB could best succeed?by 3in ask

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                    This is all true, but better to get the code in a stable place with a more complete feature-set first IMO. That's why I've not done much in the way of promotion or documentation yet.