In a cashless society, what are some physical items to invest in?in ask

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Property, off the beaten path with a natural source of water.

Food; canned, dry goods, learn to can yourself properly so you don't get botulism, gardening; heirloom seeds, greenhouse, raise chickens, water; purification tablets, 55 gallon drums, water purifiers.

Medicine; medical books, painkillers, antibiotics, etc.

Survival & camping gear.

Buried propane tank, propane generator, solar panels.

Convenience goods; toilet paper, diapers, etc.

As anon said, a variety of guns and different types of ammunition. Handgun (9mm), AR-15, Shotgun, 22lr at least.

    Coinbase bans the accounts of Gab and its founderby go1dfishin technology

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    I think cryptocurrency could be a great solution for content creators, underground news outlets, activists and all that. The problem now is that without widespread adoption there still isn't an easy way for the average joe to use it to pay their bills. One still has to go through a centralized exchange and convert to fiat, which requires KYC verification and is subject to the same restrictions as the banking system they're trying to circumvent.

      Comcast, Dish, AT&T to Raise TV Prices to Counter Cord-Cuttingby go1dfishin technology

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      Broadcast TV as it currently stands is a dying format. People today want to watch shows at their convenience, not on a set schedule and surrounded by ads.

      The networks had a chance to innovate and adapt to the market by letting people choose the channels they actually want, on demand shows, etc but they chose to ignore the customers and raise prices instead. Their death will not be mourned.

        Netflix pulls episode of 'Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj' after Saudi complaintin politics

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        This reminds me of when Comedy Central pulled the South Park episode about Scientology, though perhaps a bit more sinister.

          Steam will apparently stop working on Windows XP and Vista after Timmyin whatever

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          Eventually you're going to have to make a choice, as Win 7 & 8 won't be supported forever either. You can dual boot 10 and Linux, or forgo Windows altogether. Linux gaming has come a long way in the past few years especially with proton, but it'd be a lie to say it's as compatible and easy as Windows for games. It's a tradeoff, but one I am going to make at some point as I'd like to ditch MS altogether.

            Bangladesh shuts down mobile internet in lead up to election dayby go1dfishin politics

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            Nothing like shutting down communication to ensure a free and open election.

              LibreSilicon: Decentralizing semiconductor manufacturing (35C3 video)in technology

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              We need to support efforts like these, because closed microprocessor code like Intel ME and AMD Secure Technology run below the operating system and cannot be controlled by the end user. If we can't trust the hardware, then any software installed on top is a moot point.

                It Is Both Ridiculous And Dangerous To Make Domain Registrars Liable For Content On Domainsby go1dfishin technology

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                Agreed, the whole DNS system is outdated and a central point of failure and censorship. We need decentralized alternatives like Namecoin.

                  Conservatives need to see rocky4in whatever

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                  I'm not saying he's the worst authoritarian, but you can't claim there is none.

                  Unconstitutional: In addition to being terrible for the economy, the president doesn't have the authority to impose tariffs. The president does not have the authority to change birthright citizenship. Bump stock ban - using presidential power to violate the second amendment (same thing Obama tried, but no outcry from "conservatives" this time around)