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Thais a huge disparity! so most cases of child rape are done by homosexuals?

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I'm a sex offender, and the answer to that is yes.

When they do a court mandated evaluation the scoring strongly weights on homosexuality because they have a stronger likelihood of being violent.

What I think is being missed in this abstract is this distinction of true pedophiles and the sex offenders they studied. They based this on pineal response.

What I think this is saying really is that there are a huge number of heterosexual sex offenders that have no attraction to children.

In my therapy group (it's a joke) basically 100% of the guys there are in there for online solicitation of a minor (usually like 16, usually involving entrapment which isn't a "thing" in my state but very much is a thing). So when you do penial response testing to images of children 90% of heterosexual sex offenders have no response be 90% of them are not pedophiles in the latin sense.

Also something like only 1/3 of those who have gotten in trouble for watching child porn are attracted to children. Some of it is men interested in the taboo of just under 18 and then while looking for that the wrong file comes through because of the kinds of places one might end up looking for it. And the other half of it is some men develop sort of a compulsive train wreck seeking behavior but it's not really about sexual attraction. Either of those two kinds of men aren't going to have penial response to pictures of children.

So in other words 90% of heterosexual sex offenders aren't attracted to children.

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The word “porn” stigmatizes the human body as being filthy and unnatural. That is a bad message to send to anyone at any age.

FULL HOUSE and FRIENDS have done more harm to Western Civilization than porn possibly could.

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That’s a lie and you know it. The overwhelming majority of child rapes are heterosexual in nature. Kevin Spacey is the exception to prove the rule.

Using the Gregorian calendar to determine the Age of CON-sent is beyond ludicrous. It was invented by Pope Gregory, who was a disgusting pedo pig like the entire Catholic Church. Talk about missing the point.