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A single individual controlling what is on the front page means it is not a free speech site.

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Keep trying to steal the man's property and hand it to lazy commie fucks that do nothing but whine about taking from people with actual talent.

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Ok commie

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Ooh! Ooh! I know. Maybe more righteous indignation and spam of posts entirely devoid of any content but arguing about posts in theory will help.

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someone is triggered by the possibility of daddy go1dfish not hiding the scary content that might hurt their delicate sensibilities

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daddy go1dfish

8==============D {(*)}

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Excluding certain content from the front page is common sense and a necessity to not end up like the overly vile ultra right wing neo-nazi infested front page of Voat. It also protects against potential attacks from the competition once notABug gets real traction.

And of course true bigots don't see themselves that way and will most certainly be very offended by my first paragraph seemingly limiting their rights to call out for new holocausts and stuff, and that's kinda precisely the point I'm making. Reddit censors the right wing and Voat censors (through their votingsystem) the left, and their front pages illustrate who is welcome and who is not.

So the question is how to make a social platform where everyone feels welcome even when everything is allowed to be said.

I think the answer to that question is to determine those topics that are most confrontational, and exclude them from the front page. This could include groups like 'Politics', 'Religion' or perhaps just segments of those, like Politics/Hitler or Science/Flat Earth or so, or perhaps only those that the poster himself checked as 'potentially confrontational'.

I don't think a moderator without clear guidelines to which he must abide would be a good idea though.