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At 14:10, their document on conspiracy content includes an entry for George Soros funding anti-conservative protests and organizations.

This is so blatantly in denial of easily researched facts that I don't really know what to say. Among his numerous NGOs, Soros funds the Open Society organization which does exactly all of these things and worse!

These people are accusing others of conspiracies when they themselves are the ones in denial. It is absurd.

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Jesus fucking christ. It gets even worse.

Later in the video they show another entry in that conspiracy document for the undercover video by David Deleidon showing planned parenthood doctors admitting to selling organs from the unborn babies they kill. So according to PInterest, it is a conspiracy theory that Planned Parenthood doctors have admitted to performing partial birth abortions.

These big tech corporations are pure evil.

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Somebody should partially abort them.

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George Soros hates Jews. He collaborated with Nazis and made excuse after excuse to justify it. He’s still doing it now. Goyism is Nazism, plain and simple.

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That is Not an accurate assessment of Soros.

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Soros is a secular Jewish person, he is Jewish in name only. He wants to rule the world in a new world order with the rich elite.

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I don't know 'bout Soros, but there is evidence that Zionists collaborated with Nazis, negotiating to have Jews sent to Madagascar, instead of killing them. But then Germany lost Madagascar, so Palestine was the only workable option. So Jews with enough money could buy their way to Palestine, and that ended up being mainly German Jews. Eastern European Jews were either too poor, or the British were keeping them out of Palestine, so they ended up in the camps, and mostly dead.

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Well it is a conspiracy theory. It's just an accurate one.

By banning "conspiracies" they are really just saying you aren't allowed to talk about shit that happens in the world if they involve more than one person, which is 90% of everything that happens. That is if they don't want you talking about it.

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Yeah that caught my eye in the video was kind of surprised they didn't mention it.

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And PJMedia. These people are at war with those who disagree with them. They are not an open market. They are a biased and bigoted publisher.

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Christianity enabled Islam.

Christianity never should have broken off from Judaism just like Jason Bateman never should have left SILVER SPOONS.

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Christianity did not enable Islam. The Jesus of the Koran is different from the Jesus in the Bible. If you read them you'd know that. Don't be ignorant.

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Judaism did not want the Christians, paid mercenaries like Saul to murder them in genocide. Had the Romans do genocide with Christians as well. If you read The Bible you'd know that. You can't be a part of a religion that doesn't want you and wants you dead.