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I hope so

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Should be yes. GUN (the p2p db notabug is built on) recently added some search capabilities but I haven't tried doing anything with them yet.

Otherwise something like or should also be possible to build in even if it's on a per peer basis.

Search like indexing is something that will likely require a trusted party.

For now, the search engines are capable of reading notabug now that it is server-side rendered.

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sounds great! I really like how this is going so far! although I can't donate, I will be here as this gets bigger. I hated the lack of anonymity in Reddit, and this is a perfect alternative.

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Participation is way more important than monetary contribution at the moment; glad to have you here.

In the long term the goal is to make this place run as a fully p2p app that won't place a large financial burden on anyone requiring large donation drives or subservience to advertisers.

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Well, for priorities, I'd rather them work on turning my envelope orange or some other color.

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I agree, search is not a big priority for me at the moment; but it likely will be a bigger priority after spaces since you're going to need a search to find them effectively I think.

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>Implying there's any way to objectively rank searches

>Implying that even if there were one, it wouldn't get gamed the moment you revealed it.

Without some form of curated voting, Social Voting or just someone's Indexer/Tabulator, the next best thing is users signing the space they're posting from.