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Honestly that kinda sucks. I never went on those subs but they never were harmful to Reddit (and were already very restricted)

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This is not a migration I want on here or voat.

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Honestly I completely understand that sentiment. I am only here because a subreddit I never visited was banned, namely watchpeopledie. That is not the full story though.

I have been disturbed by reddit's ever increasing censorship for a while, but voat is flooded with ignorant racist assholes so bad you cannot even look up games on it without swimming through racists post. So I created an account there and I soon abandoned it, because I do not really care about the opinions of a bunch of sad impotent racists.

But after this tecent shooting I kept reading news stories that slowly described what happened, increasing the body count hour by hour, and eventually more and more detailed descriptions and mention of it being live streamed.

It was a horrible, despicable act, and I wish the shooter would do his time in an American prison being that he allegedly praised our gun laws amongst other things.

With that said, the sickos either have already watched the footage or jave the footage, and mass shootings are our current reality. I tried googling it but found jack shit, and I do not feel like dregging through the internet undercarriage like I would have once upon a time.

So, I thought briefly, "It will probably be on reddit, I don't want to see it now because I have to be around people and not feel like shit for a lottle while." Then thought nothing more of it until seeing wpd had been banned.

Before that, they were banning people for posting fictional drawn pictures of nonpornographic anime.

Reddit is rotting, and it is way less interesting than it was. The admin's everchanging toleramce of free speech leads me to believe they will soon be even more honest and ban the piracy subreddits, and it is interesting to imagine what Aaron Swartz would have thought of that. I just really would like a reddit alternative that isn't flooded with racist nationalist and also values free speech more than just paying lipservice. Shit, I wish there was a place for a large portion of reddits user base to use in that way. I dod not even know this site was not just a reddit backup until now.

Seriously though, any suggestions for a free speech, piracy friendly site that is not filthy with hate mongers? I would appreciate it

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This place is your best shot at free speech, a truly neutral platform and at the same time curated content based on whatever criterias the each end user desires, such as no hate speech in your case.

It's going to be glorious when it's done, but unfortunately it isn't.

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Cool man. Honestly I am rooting for it to happen, and think it will soon be a necessity due to the facebookization of reddit.

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Hey man, this just caught my eye on reddit and I thought of what I just wrote here

Looks like the ramp up to purge the pirate sites are coming. Reeeaally honna be needing some alternative to reddit soon by the looks of things.

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if its the high seas you sail matey post on /t/piracy. I check this site daily and have resources beyond public resources for things

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Send those freaks to with the rest of the degenerates.

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well, watch people die is here to stay faggot. free speech means free speech for all, not just things you like

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Degenerates don't get freedom.

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then who let you post?

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Just please, don't fuck this site up by making all that content clickbait.

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There's t/reddit for this.

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If these are things you are into... Die screaming in a fire.

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