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Diversity = Unpopular films.

Look at Star Wars and Ghostbusters as flops, could have done better if they wrote it better than focusing on diversity.

I just saw Glass where the main villain is a woman psychiatrist and at the end Mister Glass is a hero. It seemed to do well in the box office.

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Black people no longer die first. Now it's the spunky lesbian chick with the dyed hair and nose-ring who dies first.

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I haven't seen a TV show that didn't denigrate men, boys, fathers, and husbands since KING OF THE HILL went off the air.

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What are you on?

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Will being on something change the market and what is being sold?

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No, but not being high helps when writing posts.

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Many things in this world are fake.

Hollywood is explicitly about fakeness.

Is it a stretch to imagine higher-ups might manipulate the market with periods of over and under-supply of certain archetypes?

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How coddled by echochambers are you that you'd think that someone would answer every single question in the exact same way you would and that it would connect through whatever logical leaps you made in the process?

I initially thought you were drunk/high and were just rambling.

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coddled by echochambers

Have you seen this set of questions appear elsewhere?

exact same way

Which way for you? Try to answer some and see where you end up, report back.

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You don't have to copy a bunch of questions to be so idiotic that you can't see anyone else coming up with other valid responses.

And fuck off I'm not writing your argument for you.