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Tips for the attack:

  • Let your account mature one day or preferably a week (some subs auto-ban accounts not old enough)

  • Pick tech related or niche subreddit, don't spam on the frontpage.

  • If the thread has more then 200 comments don't make a new comment but reply to another one in a high position without many replies

  • Always write different comments and never copy paste your ad

  • Don't post direct links and consider hiding special words like ceddit, censorship or notabug (some of these are autoremoved)

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Pick tech related or niche subreddit

Don't focus on one particular bunch of retards. No one wants another voat, gab or rabble.

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Voat was once diverse. You can get the right people and the wrong people will chase them off.

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Voat was once diverse.

chase them off.

Problem is when as first order of business those "wrong people" actively talk about how everyone who doesn't subscribe to their view must be driven out with trolling.

One of us! One of us! One of us! Is quickly the result.

It's like that day-care on Rick and Morty for NPCs.

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No, please don't do this.

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go back programming in the fish tank

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Lol, this is what happens when you allow immature children to run rampant without correction.

This is the best you’re going to get. People like GASTHEKIKES1488IZASUPREMEEDGELORD, lmfao

Good luck with this “ideal” platform.

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You're programmer here, right?

Why does /r/politics redirect to a notabug url?

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The markdown parser is based on reddit’s and it parses subreddit links that way. Needs to be modified at some point.

And yes I’m the dev here.

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I agree with go1dfish. It is a bad idea to do this because it would let the kikes know the place exists

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You are one the biggest kike around

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If you are going to attempt to insult someone, at least learn how to write proper English, you illiterate waste of your father's semen

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Don't be a pussy.

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My baby sister!

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Uh, could you not?

I don't want Libtard crapfloods here.

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I'd rather not. Just leave them be.

Suffer a witch to live, means leave them be. As they live they suffer.

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I'm only getting behind this if we bring over more free speech people, so I'd rather we stick to voat and gab.

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Freeze peach!

I don’t wanna be held accountable for being a GIANT DICK!!!

Lol y’all mofos are a joke.

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People who say freeze peach are some of the biggest faggots on earth. Go back to tumblr

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I will never go to reddit voluntarily.

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As long as it takes /r/politics down.