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If libertarians are these things, they will lose to pro globalist government.

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this is happening, right now

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Your rights end where mine begin. This is why Libertarians are idiots. You can respect's a woman's right to abort a baby, but you also have to respect a baby's rights to abort its mother when its life is threatened.

Marriage is a government institution.

Immigration disenfranchises native voters, and is used by authoritarians to further their own power.

You can see a better deliniation by what control the government wields over a person. Religion and speech are much more personal than marriage and children, or taxes, and are the things that should not be infringed on.

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Pro gay marriage and anti-authoritarian are mutually exclusive. One cannot support gay marriage while opposing the state's authority.

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Same goes for immigration too. Supporting immigration is to support a larger big government voter base that is replacing the existing pro limited government voter base.

As the alt right is so fond of pointing out, the founding fathers were white nationalists. And not just white nationalists, very specifically western European nationalists. They did not want people of a different character taking over and destroying the nation they had built. They were overwhelmingly opposed to general immigration. And that was when the vote was limited to those who were being taxed. Imagine what they would do if they saw illegal immigrants on welfare deciding the outcome of elections. They'd start shooting our rulers.

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I agree, but also people should take such labels a lot less seriously.

You should support the best thing to do in each particular situation. If you, or someone else, wants to recognise and label a theme in the things you support, that's fine. But it's retarded to start with the label and base your decision on that.

You can't steer the car by looking at the map; you gotta look at the road. You can't make decisions about real situations by looking at general labels that were invented to categorise complex situations.

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Thanks for the response.

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you're welcome fren