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This isn’t a solved problem:

Until it is, it makes decentralized one person one vote schemes unviable without an authority that registers unique participants (which they will still have difficulty doing properly like facebook)

Like bitcoin, the voting here is a democracy of computing power. That’s certainly not ideal, but it is a verifiable, secure and distributed means of expressing sentiments without the need for specialized authority.

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the voting here is a democracy of computing power

if it were, then voting bots would be readily available inside the vanilla ui

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I’m open to this, but want to make sure backend infrastructure is solid before opening the floodgates on this. As it is the indexers already get backed up sometimes during these bot wars.

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it already survived having one million votes dumped into it at once, what more do you want?

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It actually struggled with that for some time afterwards and that's part of why we changed PoW also to make it more difficult.

Also the way the tabulator/indexer works it's able to handle huge batches of votes a lot easier than a steady stream

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Can votes be an unverified blockchain. A few blocks deep perhaps, where the last vote hashes the ones before? Meaning that only a few votes, a tally, is stored rather than each individual vote.

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I've tried to come up with an approach like this; but seems very susceptible to race conditions.

The oracle does create a tally of votes and this is what most peers actually transfer to get vote counts.

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Could perhaps just discard the orphans and pretend it ain't a big deal. Or have a way to detect them and count them somewhere also. Does seem like there would be a way to DOS others from voting by being the first to submit votes, over and over.

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if it looks like the indexers can't handle the load, you raise the voting difficulty, this should be a nobrainer

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and when there are more post and more votes?

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What do you mean by distributed? The voters are already distributed.