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And by subs I mean topics, of course.

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Added t/domains and set the chat to whatever so as to not lose critical mass.

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I'm trying to add a link in the tabs to the t/spaces topic. But when I do the defaults, ie: hot/new/discussed/etc go away. So I thought to try to add them back with,

tab visit-other-spaces /t/spaces
tab hot /user/cmWj-QCMlxB2KpTHW62Hx67han8wwQYWZB2m0BF_83M.ORI0TxmyqOcRJlHqAyhY8kAguFMkrV4h7Q9g8LzG-J4/spaces/geek/hot
tab new /user/cmWj-QCMlxB2KpTHW62Hx67han8wwQYWZB2m0BF_83M.ORI0TxmyqOcRJlHqAyhY8kAguFMkrV4h7Q9g8LzG-J4/spaces/geek/new
tab discussed /user/cmWj-QCMlxB2KpTHW62Hx67han8wwQYWZB2m0BF_83M.ORI0TxmyqOcRJlHqAyhY8kAguFMkrV4h7Q9g8LzG-J4/spaces/geek/discussed
tab controversial /user/cmWj-QCMlxB2KpTHW62Hx67han8wwQYWZB2m0BF_83M.ORI0TxmyqOcRJlHqAyhY8kAguFMkrV4h7Q9g8LzG-J4/spaces/geek/controversial
tab top /user/cmWj-QCMlxB2KpTHW62Hx67han8wwQYWZB2m0BF_83M.ORI0TxmyqOcRJlHqAyhY8kAguFMkrV4h7Q9g8LzG-J4/spaces/geek/top
tab firehose /user/cmWj-QCMlxB2KpTHW62Hx67han8wwQYWZB2m0BF_83M.ORI0TxmyqOcRJlHqAyhY8kAguFMkrV4h7Q9g8LzG-J4/spaces/geek/firehose

But this just causes the space to stop working and not render in.

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t/music is about observable things, empirical results? t/jazz is about intuition and magic, emergence and synergy. Jazz music is about transcending the mere physical and creating music with a life of its own. As Sidney Bechet said, the old New Orleans musicianers knew how to get the music going so that it was having a time for itself, the sound becomes greater than the purported physical causes ...

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and things that are just damn cool.

But yeah, music is a bit on the edge of what I'd like the space to be about.

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On the plus side, latin and straight beats are very mechanical!