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Assuming that most of the politicians in the world are corrupted as fuck is not to bad to wish for their dead

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This one gets it

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This could've been Trump.

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This *should've been Trump FTFY

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This guy's platform is literally of supporting a military dictatorship, are you proposing he be left alone to establish one?

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In opposition to a collapse into outright communism? Damn right.

Pinochet killed 3000 people, mostly communists in their attempted coup. He saved his people from becoming another USSR, another communist China, or Cambodia, the list goes on and on.

He then gave up power willingly.

Does this make him the moral pinnacle of how society should operate? No. But when cannibals are knocking down your gates, you do not refuse the help of a man to hold them shut just because he has bad breath.

Maybe there is a better option but until I see it, I will support a strong man to ward off a full collapse into total communist suicide.


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Raddle has some very extreme commies/anarchists on it that would kill you to make a point. This is libtard violence at its best.

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democrats are libtards. Raddle is far left/ anarchist.