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Marx and Stalin were nothing but a couple of cracker breeder goy parasites just like Hitler.

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Literally listed 'x pride' as if every pride movement other than white is against it (pretty sad for those movements if you ask me). Also, if whiteness is a social construct, why is it that racial ignorance would be holding you back from comprehending it? Also, what race would all white people be?

I personally see no issue with any pride movement, unless it seeks to alter my life forcefully, or it's some seriously deranged shit like pro-pedophilia.

If this guy were right, in that every pride movement is anti-white, then I now have an issue with every pride movement. You should be able to be prideful without being against someone else. Also, using pride movements like that would be doing exactly what they're claiming white pride does.

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Disagree but no discussion worthy?

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I'm confused. Who am I meant to be rooting in?

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Commies really like the term synonymous. Do you know why? They can only maintain about two ideas in their head and they categorize every word into one or the other.

It's the promotion of an association of one form to equality. So they have a big graph of words with relationships, just like any head, but they replace those relationships with equality because it's too hard to keep track of it all.