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That being said, no one is gonna ban you for being rightwing (unless you're breaking the ToS). We'll just tell you what we think of you.

The ToS on content:

Content is prohibited if it

Promotes white supremacy, homophobia or heterosexism, transphobia or cisgenderism, misogyny or patriarchy, classism, ableism, body shaming, antisemitism, Islamophobia, colonialism or age discrimination.

Sexualizes minors or promotes adults having sex with minors.

Trivializes or makes light of rape.

Apologizes for police or military brutality, imperialism, eugenics, genocide.

Apologizes for violence towards children.

Is a pornographic image/video (however, nudity is permitted if it's non-pornographic).

Knowing how raddle interprets these rules I have to say: Yes, you DO get banned for being rightwing.

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Trans is a choice, and Islam is a cult. Notice they say nothing about antisemitism. Typical hypocrites. They're backdoor bigots.

And Communism is a form of socialist imperialism. Do you know who else wanted to erase borders? Hitler!

"Apologizes for police or military brutality, imperialism, eugenics, genocide."

Communists are guilty of all those things and a whole lot more. Stalin and Castro were as homophobic as Hitler. And what is a "satellite state" if not a glorified colony of the USSR?

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lol you idiot, no one on raddle thinks state socialism is a good thing. Speaking as if they like stalin or castro means that you're just attacking a strawman and have no clue what raddle believes.

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You're the fucking idiots for trying to call your fucking ideology the same as Stalin and Castro did with theirs. You're essentially trying to redeem your version of the swastika.

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Anarchists don't try to claim state socialism. Try again.

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Probably because right wing beliefs revolve around the continued victimisation of vulnerable populations and a pathetic but virulent strain of self-pity. Why should I have any respect for the man who thinks capitalism is moral, borders aren't a prison, and some folk are worth more than others by dint of their birth rather than their deeds? And why should I feel bad when he cries that I'm being 'unfair' to him because I don't sugarcoat those realities? Aren't we supposed to be the fragile ones?

Take out the note about borders and capitalism and this guy is describing leftist views perfectly...


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I thought you guys were commies

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National socialism is not communism.

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notabug is many different things.

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Its where the NatSocs and Communists all come to realize they have the mentality of Middle-Schoolers!

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Nazism is just Communism for racists.

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Communism itself was very racist. The Russian Jews who kicked it off(with the help of western meddling) ended up killing a whole bunch of white people. This was not merely a coincidence of Russia being mostly white; the Jewish representation in the Bolshevist movement was way higher than their representation in the general population and the anti-life motivations of these people was well documented if not well known.

"200 years together" is an amazing book. If anyone seeks to understand the political origins of communism, its a must read.

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"200 years together" is an amazing book.

By Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

It is not officially translated to English, though translations can be found on the Internet: YEARS.pdf (Incomplete) (The missing chapters)