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says the man with the censored front page, to protect all the babies

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The frontpage doesn’t prevent adults from chewing on t/all

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take your consensus cracking elsewhere fuckboi

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The PC Babies!

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Antisemitism was going down in the world before that show and FRIENDS premiered.

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Censorship is just us demanding that fascists practice what they preach and shut the fuck up before we shut them the fuck up forcibly and permanently.

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Fuck you too, nigger (Hah gotem) In all seriousness, I feel that nobody should shut up or be shut up, only that murder be made illegal or something so that the Nazis who act can be punished. Nazis who speak serve a better example than han a Nazi on a cross. The Nazi who speaks shows the world how stupid he and his kind are. The Nazi on a cross shows the world how cowardly and pathetic YOU are.

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so these babies who want you to make the main page t/all are censoring themselves from t/all because they are too lazy from all their fast food burgers to type those extra 4 keys and its seriously discomforting them and they are morbidly obese and have nonfunctional brains, close to dying and are wailing out their final projected hate and anguish at a stranger on the internet who they have never met, which hate they actually feel most strongly for themselves

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The steak was a baby too!