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You know what the problem was with Pizzagate?

That parasite Alex Jones attached himself to it. Instantly discredited.

Alex Jones is COINTELPRO? Simply a salesman taking advantage of gullible?

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I think he's legitimately nuts, made a great business out of it, and was allowed to carry on (maybe steered a little, fed some BS) because it was good counterintel

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How did he get into the bohemian grove during a ceremony?

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You posted this in several topics and upvoted it yourself Anton. Obvious agenda pushing is obvious

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OK, but is it still bad if it's blatant?

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yes. thats why the community downvoted you a ton

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all you need to do to have your posts be seen on notabug is post in a default topic like /t/whatever and upvote it one time. The community is small and your voice will be heard. Posting in several topics and mass upvoting your own posts leads people to downvote heavily, and ignore what you were even posting. Let the content speak for itself