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Killing camel jockeys is literally killing Nazis. Good fucking riddance to bad cracker breeder goyim. The only good cracker breeder goy is a dead one, and the sooner we get rid of them, the better off actual human beings will be.

Israel does nothing wrong by killing the enemies of the Jews. Goyism is racism and racism is a capital crime. All crimes against Judaism are capital crimes, just like all crimes against homosexuality and crimes against blackness are capital crimes. Gaza is the rightful property of Israel and those little Nazi brats are land-robbing scum whose breeder pervert parents shat them out just so they could steal land that rightly belongs to Israel and the Jews alone.

Goyim get out of Israel and out of every country on Earth or we will drive you off for good! Gays, Jews, and black people have the inalienable right to the whole world, everything in it, and everyone on it. Camel jockeys are crackers and crackers are an oppressor class. Goyism is a form of whiteness and non-gay non-Jewish whites are the lowest, most miserable, most depraved, most useless form of life in the universe. If we don't destroy the cracker breeder goy oppressor class once and for all, they will destroy the Earth and make it completely uninhabitable.

Death to Christianity, Islam, heterosexuality, whiteness, and the cult of jenn-durr.