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But, thats just how niggers are. They've always been a violent bunch, they can't help it. This is a statement of fact not Ism-ing like this article suggests

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"Racism assumes that everyone belongs to some alleged group, i.e. that people are “white” or “Caucasian”, “Arabic”, “Native American”, “Gipsy” etc. This enumeration is not a real description of actual groups, as there are no races; race is a nonsense category. Neither biologically nor culturally can humanity be sorted into such groups."

False. We can easily group people and where admixture has taken place, the grouping is defined in the same way that the grouping of blue and red to make purple is done, by listing the base groups. This doesn't even need any complex data analysis: when sampled, people self-report within the groups predicted correctly 99% of the time, regardless of culture.

But when we do use analysis of the data, the picture becomes even more clear: races exist. From medicine to psychology to sociology, different races manifest different measurements. They are a very real category and denying them is anti-scientific.


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You are grasping at straw. Scientific definitions and categorizations are constantly evolving and their measurements are often arbitrary. The term "race" itself varies greatly in signification depending on what field of science one is dealing with. Your source establishes nothing more than a spectrum of genetic variation at one arbitrary marker point and fuzzy clusters within that spectrum. This data does not at all substantiate the concept of race as a political category.

finally your source concedes: "So first off, there is no obvious consensus on the existence of race, so we cannot use consensus as a heuristic one way or another." (last section "conclusions")