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thought it'd be better to have sheet of commands than having to dig through examples

if there's anything i missed or got wrong do tell me

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Looks right to me, one interesting thing about unique by content is that it should always include the first occurrence in any given sort. So in top it would include the highest voted but not those that are lower voted.

I stickied this in the spaces space.

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ah, so that's why in chat it would show the newest one

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You may want to see source code for declarative listings:

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Yeah this is where (most of) the logic for dealing with listing source lives.

I'm probably going to build an intermediate step that outputs a formatted understanding of the listing source to be shared between this and the UI code.

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oh yeah, forgot about ups, downs and score

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added now

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Ok now chat topic is a separate setting from submit topic, you can do one, the other or both:

submit to [topic name]
chat in [topic name]

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okay, updated

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author+curator is all sorts of bad, so use one or the other

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now you can make 3 spaces for that combination:

Space A:

author publickeyX

Space B:

curator publickeyY

Space C:

listing /user/ownerpublickey/spaces/spaceA

listing /user/ownerpublickey/spaces/spaceB

And you direct users to Space C