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Anon-IDs are not anon at all: they are attached to your ip, they are anonymous only to other users but not to admins (and google since notabug use cloudfire). This distorted privacy mechanism only reward scum: anyone seeking for privacy could easily create a throwaway account like they did in reddit for ages. On the other hand it helps shills not being found, account history is a great tool to spot shilling. If you make voting history visible it would be easy for normal users to spot vote spammers and farm accounts.

However; Is that not a good thing when it forces people to think and see each argument on it's own merits?

People should try to focus on ideas regardless of what they see on their own, there's no need to help them doing that

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The way this idea has been talked about these would be a ui generated thing that could still be optional. Not something enforced by servers.

Adding an extra identifier to items on a per browser session basis doesn’t make it any easier for me or cloudflare to track than if we just recorded ip addresses to begin with.

I personally don’t have strong opinions on this feature either way.

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Adding an extra identifier to items on a per browser session basis doesn’t make it any easier for me or cloudflare to track than if we just recorded ip addresses to begin with.

Not adding that extra identifier makes it harder for other users to keep track of notabug activity.

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This is true. As a purely optional feature they could be turned off or opt-in though.

As TP says the desire for differentiation in chat has been a driver for account creation which also makes it easier to track activity in an opt in way; so I see them as somewhat similar.

I'm convinced this is a bad thing for comments and submissions but may not be so bad for chat IMO. Either way it's not something I'm planning to build myself anytime soon but if someone cares enough to submit a PR to add it I would likely merge it.

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I'm leaning towards not having them, simply because wanting to differentiate yourself in chat has been a good driver for account making.

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Yes, the message should stand on its own merits, not on the messenger's.

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Also it removes a unique-selling-point in that 4chan already does stuff like that.

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100%, not having any identification by default makes ideas stand out on their own, and increases privacy.

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What about chat? That’s where I think this feature would be the most useful.

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still unneeded. signup is super easy if someone wants to be identified

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still not really nessary.

As a middle ground though we could make sign up even easier by having a “throw away account” option where you just put a username in the username feild when logging in without entering a password, and it just gives you a throwaway key/ unsigned version of that name to use in that session.

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This leaves unnecessary data in the db.

I think FPG says gun has a private key only mode for logins, if that doesn't store account data it would reduce that unnecessary data somewhat.

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on it's own merits

First: its. "It's" is a contraction of "it is." There is no apostrophe for possession for "it."

Second, "its own merits" is liberal double-speak for "no one takes me seriously" but disguised as "I want people to take you seriously." You don't give a flying fucking fuck how seriously other people are taken. You just want to be able to track other people down and give them shit by a trail of words.

Fuck off.

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liberal double-speak

I'll just stop reading right there.