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I've been thinking some sort of intro/explanation as a sticky might make sense.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Welcome to notabug!

Notabug is a decentralized P2P Reddit alternative, which also offers an improved moderation system where the end user is the sole decider in what type of content they engage in.

For hosting your own Notabug peer check out

On Notabug topics are as uncensored as the law allows, they are the source from which spaces pull content from. When you submit a link or a text post, you can do it in any topic you can think of as there is no need for someone to "create" them beforehand. To visit them you can just append t/topic at the end of the frontpage url.

Spaces are a lot more like subreddits, their owners can whitelist and blacklist content as they please. However this does NOT affect the originals in their respective topics. There can be any number of spaces for a single topic, allowing users to freely pick and choose moderators. Some space examples are the front page itself, the firehose, or community made ones in here

These spaces are defined based on the owner's listing source for that space, there you can find the rules by which the system automatically filters posts. All of the spaces have public listing sources, meaning that they can be easily forked. They can be found in the spaces' sidebars or on their own dedicated pages. Here's the front page's:

Additionally you can find a list of commands for making your own original space here:

Voting in Notabug is done via Proof of Work which is a trustless system where each vote represents a certain amount of power put in by the user's CPU. There is no need for a central authority while using this and every single vote is verifiable by everyone. This also means that anyone can vote as many times as their CPUs can handle.

You can track Notabug's development or even help out by submitting pull requests at

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K, went with this with some very minor edits.