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NabContext is UI stuff you won't need.

Look more at


Been thinking about splitting out the parts that would help with such botting to its own module but for now your best bet is probably to modify server/index.js to include your logic.

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Thanks, was looking at that first but it looked like NabContext provided some necessary config stuff. I can look there for an example though if any of that is needed.

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NabContext is a react context that brings together tools and config necessary for the UI.

the object created by notabugPeer (nab) in there is similar to the object created in server/index.js and is what you will primarily use to interact with the network.

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You're asking notabug how to hack notabug?

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Not to how hack, just how to interface ;)

I suspect that creating a few spaces filled with interesting aggregated content might draw in some niche groups to contribute content. I think I can make this happen without ruining the rest of NAB. (Most topics are not indexed on the front page. As long as I stay away from those topics then piped-in content shouldn't cause problems.)

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Most topics are not indexed on the front page.

depending on what peer you are using

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A javascript bookmarklet?

Visiting a page, hit the "Share with Notabug" in your bookmark bar.

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I think ⌛ is more interested in a full on bot, in fact their RSS plans are something I want to explore at some point too; but even better if someone beats me to it.

If you want to do the share thing though, you can use links like: to pre-fill the form.

When I get around to adding cross posting support it will likely function that way as well (a link to a pre-filled submission form)

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^ was me

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^ me