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Just happened to have a Kubernetes config open, they do it array style:

  - name: jailbait
    reason: Sexualizes non-fictional minors
    description: Sexualization of non-fictional minors is not permitted on or
  - name: dox 
    reason: Personally identifying info/dox
    description: Personally Identifying Info/Dox is not permitted on or
  - name: malicious
    reason: Malicious software/viruses/phishing
    description: Malicious Software/Viruses/Phishing are not permitted on or
  - name: dmca
    reason: DMCA Takedown
    description: and are required to remove DMCA infringments with proper notice
  - name: illegal
    reason: Violation of US/California law
    description: Content must be legal under US/California law for and

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My thinking here is that I already want a short tagname for the rule which fits well as an object key.

I will likely add a title field for a more free form rule title and to better match reddit’s rule page.

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i thought you lived in the uk