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The first version was something I put together in a week when I found out about gun, using some code from snew for the UI. I hosted it on a $10/mo plan from webfaction initially.

We didn't have spaces, or even logins. All queries happened locally, and seemed reasonably fast for a while. Eventually localStorage started filling up and we had to disable that, things felt slow; and used a ton of bandwidth.

Went back and forth on a few different approaches to this.

Logins were implemented.

People started peers, but the technical frustrations and experimentation drove them off. Our expando code was contributed by the operator of redbit/blubit and I hope some other peers will start spinning up soon.

I took a trip to china and lived on 2g for a week. The painfulness of nab's current approaches became apparent, and I had an idea of using logins to identify summary data for performance. (Also someone decided to start posting jailbait that week and I had to write a quick approach to banning/removing it from my hotel room.)

Gun didn't support logins in node, so had to wait a few weeks for that to happen.

Then indexers and tabulators came, at this point the site started becoming reasonably fast and this is when the architecture of nab really started solidifying.

Then cuckapedia came and spammed this site (and others) very hard, after some discussion in nab chat, we had the idea for comment based moderation as a quick way to deal with the pressing issue. I really liked the simplicity/elegance of using comments as commands for moderation and it's something we have stuck with.

FrontPageGuardian built a GPU voter and "wrecked face" as I predicted would happen if someone pointed a bitcoin miner at our voting system; so I spent some time rebuilding the voting system to use argon2 as a more egalitarian PoW problem.

Wanting more configurability for listings and to enable the initial idea of lenses/spaces I put forward, the idea of listing source came; initially interpreted by the indexer later (and now) handled more in the UI side. This made spaces possible and the idea is quite sound though I may change the format to YAML rather than my ad-hoc format. Tree_Perception has had a lot of ideas and been helpful here esp. with testing and debugging.

The frontpage was a playground for these features as well, and there was much controversy about the removal of NSFW content from the frontpage; so was born.

Went through a few different approaches to indexers and data storage along the way (gun's, then redis, now LMDB) LMDB is freaking awesome it solves our needs for the foreseeable future.

With the LMDB adapter working well, I had the idea of making an HTTP adapter for gun so that the majority of the site could run on static hosting (think like S3) with my own server only being responsible for web socket communications of new things.

Nab is now in a pretty good place, the biggest missing fundamental piece is synchronizing old data for new peers that want everything. For now the simplest solution is to ask me for a LMDB data dump, but I want to make things better than that.

For most of this year, nab was running on a $100/mo server.

It's now running on 2 $5/mo VMs with only 2GB each, and each having their own redundant copy of the LMDB database.

Also, no government entities have contacted or requested any data from me regarding notabug this year; even if they did I have no data that isn't already public.

The state of NAB is pretty good. This year we should hopefully be able to focus much more on features and less on basic plumbing.

This is fairly disjointed and stream of consciousness; sorry if I left anyone out.

Thanks to everyone for joining along in the ride.

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Do you just do this in your spare time?

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thanks for your service

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thanks for your service

So much more meaningful than when "People of Walmart" say it to vets.

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I only say it to cypherpunks and open-sourcerors

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On this occasion, I'd like to ask whether anybody has a link to this awesome graphic somebody drew in the early days, with goldfish in his fish bowl using sticks to type on a keyboard, redbit/bluebit holding up their red and blue sideways arrows as well as some other instance (redguardaustin?), all shooting data between each other?

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Imgur's servers are overburdened by their fat dog, so

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Happy birthday NAB!
And thank you go1dfish for all the work you've put into this amazing project, keep it up. I hope this site will get more popular soon.

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I'll try to earn what you are giving us for free by continuing to submit news content, arguments, and shitposts. May this place grow while being open to all so that we may have it out in the market place of ideas.

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It's really been a privilege to watch Notabug grow and be part of the unique community you've been building. Reddit is dying, and Notabug is the place with the vision to replace it.

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Happy birthday nab!

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And still with an ironically misleading name!

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We need another gunman!