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i find it interesting that you can upvote as much as you want and it only depends on your PC power

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lol wtf

it's true

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i'm very fucking surprised

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long praise!

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"long praise"? That doesn't make any sense.

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mucho grande praise is much better.

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On notabug topics are as uncensored as the law allows

The law in which country?

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The one that can attempt to prosecute go1dish or the host.

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It's more accurate to say nearly or something, I didn't write this Tree did and I thought it was pretty good overall so adopted it.

We can always update it or post a new version in the poster (meant to post it as so it could be edited but forgot to login)

Doxing itself isn't illegal, but it's a necessary step towards many illegal (and more importantly, harmful) activities and dramas that would entangle me in legal BS.

Similar story with the clauses against sexualizing minors.

But to actually answer your question, the warlords in the US are those we have to abide by and I have no intention to abide by the EU's new draconian internet laws. But notabug the software/network is built so that an EU citizen could try to run a compliant peer if it is desirable to do so.

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This is really cool. I wonder if you could sell processing power instead of relying on crypto.

Upvoting myself lots because lol.

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So I thought which concepts could make reddit better, and maybe I should share them here (because why not, I won't build my reddit alternative lol):

1) better other discussions tab - it's absent in nab, but I think it's a pretty cool feature, and it could be even cooler

I mean, let's normalize urls for it - remove any parameters after ? for big news websites, use just ID for youtube/imgur/whatever content websites, expand shortened urls (see unshorten/redirectdetective)

2) votable tags/select by tag - yeah, we have topics, but imho a couple of tags is better than one, and we don't have that even on reddit

(not for current nab)

3) moderator elections: count time spent on sub page with javascript, count submissions/comments/votes over a period of time - consider a user a "citizen" of a sub with election rights after surpassing some limits of parameters above

4) protected links (against brigading): basically signed by server key with used id, so you can't vote when logged in as other user

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Other Discussions

I love the Other Discussions tab and it's definitely something I want to support on NAB, internally there is some work towards this already but not exposed in UI yet. Normalizing URLs is one of those things that seems a lot easier in theory than practice I think; it's worth exploring but isn't trivial.

votable tags/select by tag

Topics are kinda like tags, and having the topic be singiular associates the voting with a specific topic/content combo which I think is a good thing.

A different sort of tagging via comments is coming to spaces though which will be a sort of combination between removal reasons and filterable flair the way I'm currently thinking about it.

moderator elections

Are a cool idea, but idk how well they fit with the model here, anyone can effectively fork a space and change what mods have control over the result while still keeping the work of those mods they like.

protected links (against brigading): basically signed by server key with used id, so you can't vote when logged in as other user

Not sure I fully understand what you mean here, but currently there is no way to associate votes with users and doing so has privacy implications, the entire database here is public which is what makes it possible to be decentralized.

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Not OP and I'm going to assume you're go1dfish

moderator elections

Back when spaces weren't even in discussion, I wrote a suggestion about how moderation could be handled. One of the points in there addressed default spaces for a topic, this is probably what the guy meant by "moderator elections".

Going through the ideas for introducing people to spaces:

  • The initial suggestion the in the above mentioned proposal: Let the peer owner decide. Unfortunately, there is no way for a single person to handle that much work.

  • First come, First served, this works for reddit most of the time, with the backup of appealing to the admins if the previous owner is just squatting it. PoW could also be used to limit topic hoarders. However timestamps can be manipulated, therefore you cannot tell who was actually "first" just by using those. You could have the peer itself act as a witness tho, maybe even allow other peers to act as witnesses in the case of hosting new peers.

  • PoW Voting, the highest voted space for a topic would get to be default for it. Obviously, larger entities will be able to squash smaller ones.

  • Space flairs, this is my favorite one so far and has the plus of being compatible with everything else, users' posts and comments would have a flair attached to them which shows what the space the submitter was using at that time. The downside of this proposal is that an easy vector of attack is just spamming the topic with unrelated content and space flairs, therefore you need to already be on a space which deals with this kind of spam.

As you've probably noticed, spam and various other malicious automated actions are a problem for the latter 3 options, the last one is the least affected by it once the user has found at least one person to put them on the web of trust, but that's still an issue.

Which is why I asked you if you'd be willing to put signed voting on the default. Having to repeatedly pass the Turing test to get past voting restrictions weeds out any bots that some may employ, and as voat proved human run voting farms are very easy to detect and squash. Even if the global community ends up having a bias, you will be able to jump from space to space inching closer to what you want via space flairs.

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Yeah that was me and these are some good points.

One thing that web facing peers like could do is have some sort of short name access for certain spaces like say /s/politics and it would even be relatively easy to change those overtime through whatever governance mechanism chosen.

Space Flairs is still compatible with that sort of approach and is likely to come first.

It's not time to think about voting too much from my perspective yet IMO, the spammyness PoW voting encourages is actually a good thing in the sense that it helps highlight performance issues early.

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these are all ideas being pushed in good faith.

All of them will be horribly abused to turn notabug into a gulag of censorship by anonymous dumb-asses running organizing on discord.

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Very interesting concept !

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Yes, indeed

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I agree

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Congrats on this!

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Hello world

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Interesting. I like it.

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Government's banning of child pornography produces a copyright effect.

D = CV*min(1,FR/FV)-CR

FR is the risk of interacting with a media for free. The CV can never be zero'd and if the government tried to increase FV they would literally be publishing child pornography.

So once you have a non-zero FR you create a demand curve and enable its funding. Why has the production rate gone up from almost zero to thousands a year since it was made a felony to possess? Well there is risk in torrenting cp and there is risk (smaller) in torrenting Justin Bieber. They are actually the same policy with different intents. They don't have opposite outcomes.

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Another thing to note is because these are all distributions the CR doesn't really work. A distribution minus a distribution is still a distribution and you still have a demand curve. The only option is to reduce FR to zero and go back to 1990s production rate (which was zero for actual child abuse imagery).

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Fuck off oddball.

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