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To safely support space stylesheets that are compatible with existing reddit classic stylesheets we need a javascript equivalent of this process with some modifications.

Instead of transforming image names our parser should detect external references and provide a list that we can use for warnings/opt-in purposes.

Alternately we could look at building a server-side process that runs this python code (or some other non-js implementation) as a trusted oracle.

The oracle approach is probably easier, but it harms decentralization, is not as scalable and doesn't allow for real-time validation of your stylesheet while you are editing it.

If someone else wants to step up to port this to JavaScript that would allow me to continue focus on moderation concerns.

I've done some research into available javascript CSS parsers.

Best option for our purposes seems to be either or I lean towards postcss

Things we need to be cognizant of when building support for user styles:

Maybe it makes sense to use the oracle approach as a short term solution?