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You could, would be same as this:

But edit the peer-configs.json file to remove the peer reference to

Then you will have your own island. If you run into problems pop into chat and I'll try to help.

I don't currently have any plans to IPFS (not sure it would work directly since IPFS is immutable) but I have been focusing on keeping the data structures simple so that they could potentially work over any transport system.

Edit: actually will be a bit more involved, if you're running your own island it will require running your own set of oracles as well which gets more difficult and requires redis. I'm working on making this process easier.

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While there is now support for mutable content in IPFS I've found this thread

marknadal 4 months ago | parent | favorite | on: Introducing Cloudflare’s IPFS Gateway

Yes, IPFS is purely hash based which is great for static images/movies.

DAT is also hash based, but at least it has support for top-level asymmetric keys that you can put files into, and ADD files to without the root directory changing its hash. IPNS works around this, but isn't ideal.

Neither systems can handle high frequency P2P data that changes - for instance Reddit-like sites etc. those ( ) and other sites like the Internet Archive (which has IPFS, WebTorrent, and GUN versions decentralized) are built on our system (, are already pushing terabytes of P2P traffic.

And don't forget about WebTorrent and Secure Scuttlebutt!!!

I'm not trying to run a private instance, just a peer on my local LAN which keeps things in sync, similiar to a Zeronet node which caches stuff locally.

Thanks for your answer, appreciated.

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In that case no indexer is required and you shouldn't remove the reference to, and you can run without redis (but tends to be slower)

Let me know how it goes.

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Thanks, I'll give it a spin, once I have Gun up and running.

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There isn't a separate setup for gun, it's part of the linked instructions and runs with the peer.

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Thanks, got that. So it's even easier than I thought.