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ShareBlue/correctTheRecord and other democrat institutions aren't in the business of fact checking. They are a PR and propaganda operation.

Snopes doesn't seem to be controlled so much as willing allies with the MSM liars. The cat lady wife and the adulterer husband are just bigotted anti-truth leftists who only care about the progressive narrative.

I believe politifact is owned by the democrats but I don't recall the details so don't take my word on it. Still you can see their bias quite clearly:

These sites are all cheap ways of controlling thought. They hardly cost anything and don't even need promotion. Even if they aren't popular, they are self-reinforcing. One site makes up a lot of lies, then another site uses them as a source, and so on. That is how the SPLC was able to do so much damage. Leftists at google and fb and twitter used the SPLC's defamation of innocent people as source for their censorship policies. They justified banning people for being anti-Semitic when they were themselves Jewish just because the SPLC said they were.

Any time you have these official sounding aggregates of fact checks, run. Centrally mandated authority always becomes corrupt and always attracts the corrupt first and foremost. The odds of non-corrupt centralized information is low.

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It is not fact checked because there are no facts to check.

He is a rapist because the MSM says so using smoke and mirrors.