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The one thing that bothers me about gab is that there needs to be more than merely reactionary political discourse to the establishment globalist narrative.

We can't have a healthy public square unless we get content outside of politics.

Its great that gab allows the truth to get out where twitter denies it. I myself was banned from twitter, not for name calling, not swearing, or lying, but for speaking the truth to someone who butted into a conversation and blatantly lied to us. Gab still lets me speak the truth, no matter which narrative I'm refuting. That is absolutely wonderful, but its not enough.

We need the fluff, the easy listening topics, the lighter content. Same goes for notabug too, which is why even though it may seem trivial, people who post links to songs are helping to flesh out this space.

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What about filling reddit new design via reddit old design.

We all know that "old" design will be removed at some stage and all that content contributed by old users will be captured as the old users move away to other platforms.