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Notabug really doesn't like multi-line code inside a post, even if you end every line with two spaces.

That's the idea.

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Does reddit or reddit preview handle these differently? is the markdown renderer used, same as snew and in my experience is very consistent with reddit.

Open to switching to a different markdown renderer but would want to keep it as consistent with reddit's markdown as possible. At some point if we stick with this one I'll need to modify it to support topic links and I'd like to do something similar to voat's link expando's in markdown as well.

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So I've played with voat's code because I wanted a similar thing in Gvid when I was doing that (youtube alternative with nested markdown comments). It's completely separate from markdown.

It's javascript that runs after the fact finding anything with /https?://.jpg/g and adding a button after it in the text.

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Funny, I haven't looked at voat's codebase for this and that's how I've been thinking about handling it.

But more as a click handler combined with some sort of expando playlist functionality to allow you to do things like play a video and navigate to different pages while it plays.

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Well typing regex here doesn't work. I wanted to test that.


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One could argue that instead it is a social platform where most of the platform is what you and other people code.

One could also argue it's a chat web app that's extensible and modifiable.

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