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I forgot that my signin module uses email as a part of it's process. Just put junk in there.

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I'm currently working on making it work with no sign-in, then letting you register to save the content, sort of like jsfiddle lets you do. Obviously then an email would be very much not involved in trying.

But just put anything in there.

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Yeah this would likely get a lot more people using it.

I think I should probably do more here to make it clear that accounts are optional as well.

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domains isn't a front-page topic that's why this isn't showing there.

Gonna add it though, as well as history since that seems like an oversight.

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Cool. I get it now.

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Now the sidebar will generally tell you what makes up the listing.

"listing source" is the raw definition of the listing and how people will eventually define spaces in the first iteration of them.

You can also view a list of topics (when active) and any active curators or censors on the listing in the sidebar.