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The best thing is that it is extensible just by editing one function. You don't even need to fork a whole project.

You just right the new version of the function in your global and add your username to build.

This is similar to how in Doom WADs you can replace media items through a system of layered WADs. But now it's actual software.

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The downside is that I have a server running in a tab to support the chat. Had I coded the particular app a different way that wouldn't have been needed but I just wanted to launch something. And I'm too excited not to share it.

Anyway if it doesn't work try launching the server. Use Firefox Multi-Account Containers to sign into the server and run it.

user: chat-server
pass: chat-server

I've backed up the code into another user in case someone fucks with it.

Next I need to make it easier to browse other user's code, because that's kind of the idea.