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We don't block any.

I have a space setup that highlights direct image hosts I know of:

If you click "show listing source" in the sidebar you can see the domains it pulls from, if an image host isn't listed there it's probably because I don't know about it.

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tnx bruh

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It'd be nice to have a bot on this site, so that when images get posted, it reposts them to several hosts.

Bad to have all your eggs in one basket.

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Imgoat is good, although it has a bit of a convoluted process to get to the plain image link after uploading (don't worry not nearly as bad as imgur, its more so you just have to push the image twice or whatever to get to a direct link, perfectly usable). has a nicer upload process, but has a really bad issue where it does not accept files that have the same name as a file allready uploaded to the site, so its kinda a pain to use and I stoped useing it despite being better in every way.

[] -0 points seems to work better than imgoat