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It all started with a little video game design competition. Then some dude shacked up with one of the judges... and won. The competition was accused to bias. They responded by saying they were only accused of bias because of their gender. Once gender was brought in suddenly everything became about gender and oh no, they were being oppressed by the evil gamers. Then idiot gamers engaged them within their own framing and a long stupid argument happened which grew to be about gender issues in gaming as a whole (as if that was a thing outside of their imaginations).

All the arguing was useful for those authoritarians that like to control discourse. Once the eye of sauron turned to the issue it became too hot to host. Over time this evolved into re-writing of history and "the end of gamers". Hah.

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Immutable was listed more as a warning than a feature.

You can still prove a lack of edits, and the idea of immutable content is still supported and could be enforced by peers that want it.

Edit: Also, only you can edit your content everything is still cryptographically signed by your identity.

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have to say this is the first time I have seen “its a warning not a feature”

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I just don't see immutability as all that desirable for this sort of site; but it's still possible to achieve.

You can prevent edits in an editable system easier than you can make edits work in an immutable system.

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I do agree having edits are better than not having them.

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Stupid bitch DJWs went apeshit over gender quality in games.

Super Mario Brothers they save the helpless Princess Peach so it was misogynist.

Also Female characters in shoot them up games show off too much skin.

Should have gender other than male and female in games as well.

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Banned because it grew into pizzagate. SJWs started bitching about video games not being SJW enough