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A few things: - There needs to be more documentation about what NAB is, how it works, and how to get started participating in the network. This should be easily available from the front page of - It needs to be as easy and straightforward as possible to deploy and configure their own index. This information should be readily available from nab as well. - Go2dfish and others have to spend more time talking about and promoting the NAB model as an alternative for building distributed, web-based communities.

The community also needs to be careful not to turn this into another Voat - that is, a “free speech” site that never takes off because it’s a self-selected niche echo chamber for culture warriors.

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This is all true, but better to get the code in a stable place with a more complete feature-set first IMO. That's why I've not done much in the way of promotion or documentation yet.

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By recruiting more people letting them aware about the ongoing censorship in other platforms

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By people submitting things they find interesting. That's what I do. The monoculture of politics posts is difficult to overcome though.

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I think the politics posts are mostly just a few loud people who are here because they got banned from Reddit. Just keep posting the interesting stuff and it will be appreciated

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Gay porn.

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Not a bad idea! You can always start the sub yourself.

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even if he were to contribute to a gay porn topic it'll get raided in no time, nab isn't going to succeed until protections from that are in place, and i'm not talking about global protections just filters that users can opt into

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I saw go2dfish mention that in chat, hope it gets implemented soon.

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Yeah still working on that. Working on editable pages which will serve the basis for wiki like functionality as well as the initial way spaces are defined and edited (with the language used in the "listing source" you can see in the sidebar)

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Awesome. I can't wait until this site is filled with cocks.