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Syria and Kuwait, for the lols not the bucks.

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If only it didn't have to be on Earth. The sun-earth L2 point would be great.

But more on topic I suppose it's a competition between infinite energy generation in a high to low connection between some areas and the economic benefits of of directly connecting to areas of high activity.

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My thought is Hong Kong to Brazil. High population density to really cheap goods. Then a maximum number of people would benefit from that.

That or in the port cities of the two ports with the most traffic between them in terms of total miles traveled each year. Then you save all the gas involved in displacing tons of water for several thousand miles. So maybe a major port in China and California.

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That'd be my guess as well. Shenzhen to Long Beach would likely be the best bang for your buck.

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wouldn't it be hong kong to somewhere in mainland china? Why brazil?

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my house to a legal cannabis state

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Houston to Antartica.

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The bottom of the mariana trench to the california coast. The energy created would be immense.

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Guangdong to the middle of the ocean

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NYC to Hong Kong

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It isn't that simple.