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you should think about whether do you want to work in a software development company or in IT department of usual company

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Definitely software so you dont have to deal with normal people

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IT sucks unless you really like repetition or are actually autistic. Maybe it's OK in some specialty jobs but fuck helpdesk work as a rule.

The higher level IT stuff is just managing spreadsheets and vendors, not my idea of a good time but I guess some people like it.

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There is a lot of range to the market. You can be Fortune 500 and busy/stressed, Fortune 500 and hide away doing nothing all day, small business and stressed, small business and pretending to work sending your boss broke.

Somewhere in the middle you can work a few hours a day and still be productive, if not more productive. Stress can be kept at a minimum if you setup healthy routines and develop relationships with your bosses/clients where they trust you to do your thing.

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Try being a computer science teacher they make lots of money and usually never fired as they are a valuable asset to schools when technical issues happen

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Take up a trade.

Programming is saturated with bullshit, bullshit HR, bullshit coworkers, bullshit trends, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit

Don't waste away your life in an office. It wont matter when you're 60. And when you're 30-40 you'll be 'obsolete' according to the tech industry.

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What do you do?

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He thinks the grass is greener

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I dont want to do trades 1. manual labor 2. little opportunity to move jobs, stay cucked to the union your whole life

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Manual labor = free gym, to a point. If you can find something that's not totally brutal then it can be a good balance.

Programming is fine too in the right areas. Avoid frontend, go for things that change slowly. Every industry has software in it, you can find coding jobs at any large corp and many mid-sized corps. More traditional industries have less progressive bullshit, but more traditional bullshit; better to be somewhere in the middle. Any corporate job has ass-kissing and politics, so you'd better be ready to pucker up.