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I upvoted this but it's usually because the open source solution doesn't have some fancy GUI with a set of pre-set configuration parameters to make common tasks automated.

Like for planar 3D electromagnetics simulation I could spend 4 hours writing a in pypOpenEM python script to define the geometry and it's parameters. But I am not a skilled coder. It takes me a while.

I can do the same thing in the proprietary "Sonnet" software in about 30 seconds just by using the CAD interface to draw my geometry and a literal pop-up walk through to set sane sim parameters.

Sometimes there just isn't the motivation to polish F/OSS for general purpose use even if whatever those uses are are will within the wide range of ability of the F/OSS.

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I love you, OP

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as long as i can verify its not spyware i'll use it if it's good

non proprietary software is a slow moving beast

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how do you verify it's not spyware?

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i look at resource usage, and search around to see if someone has done the network analysis