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My favorite answer to myth(which has been refuted decades ago) comes from a corporation that tried to push the myth themselves to get that sweet SJW approval.

They make the false claim that women are paid less for the same work, then are asked why they don't hire more women, and then respond by saying:

"When we account for all the various factors that go into pay, women at Audi are on par with their male counterparts."

Fucking beautiful. You can't make this shit up. In the response to their claim that women are paid less and men are sexist, they point out that women don't work as much, take off more time, are more likely to leave the company suddenly, and don't do as much overtime. With that tweet, they are admitting they are pushing a lie and they know its a lie.

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We had a manufacturing company with several production lines that required delicate but not hard work,. We hired nothing but women because back then men supported the familly and could afford to work for so cheap. It was piece work but to earn significantly more than minimum wage you had to be very good. Of course only immigrants -- initially Europeans but by the time the 70s rolled around it was all Asians -- would take those jobs though ironically even if native born women had applied very few if any would have had both the skill and the work ethic required to keep the job.

All of those jobs have long since moved off shore of course. As well men have long since stopped being the sole bread winner for the family. So yes we actually did pay women less then men but it was not the result of sexism; it was just the way things had worked themselves out.

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Woops I left a word out of the 2nd sentence, which should read " supported the family and could NOT afford to work for so cheap."

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Because in terms of availability, statistically, women work less for the same salary.

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Women earn what they are worth. If they don't have the right degree and can't do the job very well, they won't earn as much as a man would. If the woman misses work for taking care of kids and stuff, she will earn less as she doesn't get a raise.